Byron Bay Bronze Remover

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Stuck with a patchy tan that becomes blotchy and unappealing? Well you should of used our tanning foam in the first place, not only does it rock, we donate money to charity and use packaging made from plastic taken from the ocean. 

Anyway...We have the solution. Our professional strength, safe but effective tan remover will be your ultimate weapon in looking and feeling your best. A combination of natural, organic & sustainably sourced actives like Kakadu PlumAloe Vera & Coconut water, all combine to deliver the result (Removing the old tan fully) while maintaining the health and hydration of your skin. It literally is the best tan remover available online.

We are so confident in our range of products and believe if you buy something that truly isn't suited to you, a refund is a must. We offer this with confidence in our range and love & compassion for the people who it generally doesn't work for for one reason or another & from our understanding & appreciation of every dollar in a world of increasing costs. 

We have aimed for quality you use sparingly that works every-time. 


How to use Tan Remover

Tan Remover (Pro Strength) is easy to use. Before you shower, pump the fake tan remover onto a clean Sisal & Bamboo Exfoliating Mitt and massage it on dry skin using circular motions. Spend some more time on dry or patchy areas, like the knees, ankles, elbows and feet. Leave the foam on for around 5 minutes, and then hop in the shower and rinse it off with warm water.