Rose Cleanser

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A gentle cleanser featuring rose and lavender. The light and creamy formulation soothes skin while balancing oil secretions. It has a gorgeous rose fragrance and leaves the skin feeling beautifully soft and clean. This is our most popular cleanser.

Suitable For: dry, normal, sensitive and mature skin.


Cleaning Tips

Less is More

Janesce cleansers are especially formulated so that a little goes a long way. Use one pump – the size of a pea – to cleanse. You only need a very small amount of Janesce product on damp skin to achieve great results.

Cleanse in the Evening Only

In Janesce, we place a high priority on strengthening the skin barrier. This is the name for the uppermost layers of the skin that protect the vulnerable layers beneath. Over-cleansing can undermine the skin barrier. It is one of the biggest causes of skin problems, even for oily skin! This is why we recommend you cleanse in the evening only. In the morning, simply wipe the skin with a damp cloth and move onto the skin soaking routine. This will remove any excess oil or perspiration without undermining the skin barrier.

Removing Make-Up

If you wear heavier make-up you may choose to double-cleanse your skin. Otherwise a single cleanse is best to avoid unnecessary stripping of the skin barrier. Janesce cleansers will not remove water-proof mascara. This type of mascara contains tar-like substances which require solvents to dissolve them.  These solvents are damaging to skin, so we do not use them. We recommend you switch to a good quality, regular mascara.

Tone Not

Janesce cleansers do not contain any mineral or petroleum-based oils so they will rinse easily and cleanly away with water. They are also pH-balanced, which means they will maintain the delicate balance of the skin and support the skin barrier. This means you do not need to use a toner after a Janesce cleanser.